HSM Collection

HSM Collection can be described as a lifestyle brand, mixed with industrial and modern influences which provides a great variety of different products. We have carefully selected over 2500 different furniture pieces, which we proudly label the HSM Collection. To create such a big and diversified assortment we source our products from all over the world. India, Indonesia, Eastern Europe, China, Brazil, these are just a few countries the collection sources its items from.



The philosophy and goal we try to fulfil with the HSM collection, is to provide not only the best priced quality items, but also to make each home a home. With our wide selection of decoration and in-house furniture we see it as our job that everybody can give his/her house that warm and cosy feel. The use of exotic woods such as teak and mahogany combined with high quality steel is just an example why the HSM collection is a one of a kind brand.



To keep up with the newest trends the HSM collection in a constant movement. We are always expanding into growing segments and try to keep up with customer demands. To do so we refresh the collection by adding and changing over 250 new furniture pieces each year.



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